Indoor Positioning

    Yocto FTMR is a pre-defined configuration recommended by Google and used by many early adopters.

    The software and hardware of Yocto FTMR are both pre-defined.

    WILD is for developers that look for flexibility in hardware and software. It accepts nearly all customization options available for fitlet2 and runs open source Debian GNU/Linux.

    Some things that are possible with WILD:

    • Powering by PoE
    • Adding a 2nd Wi-Fi card
    • Switching on the fly between Wi-Fi RTT responder mode and initiator mode
    • Playing multimedia on a high resolution display
    • Connecting IP cameras
    • Adding cellular communication
    • Installing any Linux application or service

    The FTMC is a Linux computer. You can observe ranges on the FTMC itself (we offer a 7″ display and fit-Uptime for convenient mobility of FTMC).

    You can send range-readings to another computer over a network.

    Yes. Trilateration requires at least 3 FTMRs.

    Recommendation is to use at least 4 FTMRs for better accuracy.

    FTM Responder (FTMR) is a WiFi enabled device that has FTM capabilities.

    Multiple FTMR units have to be installed inside a building to enable WiFi Indoor Positioning.


    Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT / Indoor WiFi Location is a technology for providing accurate location of a device inside a building.

    The technology is based on fine time measurement (FTM) of WiFi signals.

    For more details see:

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