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    It is not recommended because taking out the FACE Module panel requires taking apart the whole computer.
    It is advised to order Airtop2 pre-installed with the FACE Module you intend to use.

    No. Airtop2 custom motherboard is designed for 7th generation Core and does not support 8th generation.

    Like all Compulab PCs, Airtop2 ships with 5 year warranty.

    Warranty terms are specified in

    Compulab has a US sales office in St. Petersburg, Florida and over 20 resellers worldwide.


    Unfortunately the answer is no.

    Airtop2 requires a custom motherboard.

    The GPU has to be reworked so it functions without a fan. Please note that Compulab offers upgrade kits for replacing the GPU.

    It is technically possible to assemble the CPU but while Airtop2 is very user-friendly when it comes to RAM and hard disks, installing a CPU is quite labor intensive because it requires taking out the motherboard. 

     Yes, Airtop2 BIOS supports SGX.

    We did not measure everything in Airtop2, so I don’t have the exact number.
    The theoretical limit is 4×750 MB/s. In practice it will be limited by SSD performance and system overhead.

    BTW, if speed is critical you can get higher speed with 2x NVMe. That we did measure.


    The build-to-order is an important feature that cannot be supported by Amazon.
    We will monitor demand for that and may decide later to make some configurations available through Amazon.

    Yes. Regardless of the presence of discrete graphics Airtop2 has 3 ports of the integrated Intel-HD graphics (2x DP + 1x HDMI).

    Inferno is based on Airtop2 design. It is using the same motherboard and the same chassis. Inferno enhances Airtop2 in the following ways:

    • More powerful graphics card – GTX 1080 in Inferno vs GTX 1060 in Airtop2
    • More powerful CPU – Core-i7 7700K vs Core-i7 7700
    • New FACE Module with USB3.1 type C
    • Double Natural Airflow air-tubes on each side increase cooling capacity by 50% compared to Airtop2
    • Slightly modified decoration

    We have customers who install 10 GbE PCIe card in Airtop/Airtop2 (instead of graphics card).



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