MintBox Mini 2

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About MintBox

Compulab and Linux Mint partnership enters its 7th year with the introduction of MintBox Mini 2.

MintBox intention is to provide out-of-the-box user-friendly Linux experience on a small and robust PC.

MintBox Mini 2 variants will become available with the introduction of Linux Mint 19 “Tara”.

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What's new
in MBM2

Mini form factor, surprising performance

MBM2 form factor is similar to MintBox Mini 1 but its performance is similar to the 3 times larger MintBox 2.

Truly upgradable with FACET Cards

All fitlet2 FACET Cards are compatible with MBM2 and can be installed by the user.


  • 4 Gbit Ethernet
  • 4G Modem
  • 8 USB ports
  • Powering by PoE (coming soon)
  • 2.5″ HDD (coming soon)
  • and more…

Improved thermal design

Despite the higher performance and similar power consumption, MBM2 runs much cooler than its predecessor thanks to completely new thermal design with larger dissipation surface, better thermal coupling and specialized conduction cooling for the storage device.

What stays
the same

5 year warranty

Miniature, fanless and robust design

MBM2 comes in an all-metal die-cast housing that is passively cooled.

Linux Mint out of the box

MBM2 is pre-installed with the latest Linux Mint (Linux Mint 19 “Tara” Cinnamon).

Freedom and full ownership

MBM2 is completely yours. Linux Mint is open source with no behind-the-scene updates, no bloatware and no calling-home.

Anytime you can install or remove devices, dual boot or easily install another operating system.

Support open-source

5% of the price of MBM2 is donated to the Linux Mint team for continuing making Linux Mint even better.

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