frequently asked questions

No. It supports M.2 storage devices with SATA interface, but not NVMe devices.

Best to consult Anandtech on video playback capabilities.

See https://www.anandtech.com/show/12295/intel-nuc6cayh-arches-canyon-apollo-lake-ucff-pc-review/5

* This is the same Celeron J3455 used in fitlet2/MBM2

Yes. Just 4 screws.

Analog audio is stereo only.

Digital audio is quite capable – HDMI or S/PDIF 7.1 channels (cable sold separately).

No. MBM2 is not offered with customizations.

However it is easy, supported and does not void warranty for the user to customize.

MBM2 will cope well. The thermal design is very effective and the CPU is resilient to high temperatures.

We are working on a 2.5″ upgrade kit.

No. IME is not supported on Apollo Lake.


Yes. MBM2 supports dual-head (HDMI + mini DP).

MBM2 tolerates 7V to 20V input so it can be powered directly from boat 12V.

You may consider fit-Uptime as a backup battery.

MBM2 costs $299 + tax + shipping

MBM2 Pro costs $349 + tax + shipping


About 350g

Linux Mint updates quite frequently.

It does not force you to update and does not update without user approval.

MBM2 hardware is designed, developed and manufactured by Compulab.

Linux Mint is developed by the Linux Mint team.

Maybe, but it will work better on Windows.

This is unlikely.

MBM2 will most likely sell direct from Compulab and on Amazon.

Yes. If your country is not listed or there is no shipping method or you are experiencing another ordering problem, please contact us

MintBox Mini 2

Please subscribe at https://fit-iot.com/web/products/mintbox-mini2 to be notified when MBM2 is available.

If you intend to upgrade RAM you may consider buying fitlet2 and RAM separately – it would be more cost effective.

The motherboard should not be replaced.

RTC battery is easy to replace.

Micro SD is redesigned. It is recessed on purpose but should be easier to use.

Yes. WiFi has little effect on performance.

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