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Wi-Fi RTT enables real-time accurate indoor location which has countless uses in retail, health care, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, smart buildings, entertainment and many more segments.

A user can benefit from services like finding a product in a department store, navigating to a booth in a tradeshow, be directed back to a parked car and many others.

Wi-Fi RTT is designed with privacy in mind. The user has full control of whether, where and when to enable it, and does not have to associate with a Wi-Fi network or identify. In many cases anonymous indoor location can replace intrusive video-based tracking.

Property owners can utilize Wi-Fi RTT for location-based interaction with visitors to provide services like notifications and directions, suggesting a nearby product, offering assistance etc. Location data can prove valuable for generating accurate heatmaps and understanding patterns of visitor behavior on premises.

Wi-Fi RTT technology is included in Android 9 Pie and can be used commercially today. Owners of Android 9 Pie smartphones can start today using Wi-Fi RTT indoor location services in buildings having WILD access-points installed.


Compulab Wi-Fi Indoor Location Device (WILD) is the 1st Wi-Fi RTT enabled access-point. WILD is based on fitlet2 miniature fanless IoT gateway (the same platform used for the popular MintBox Mini 2) which provides remarkable functionality.

WILD networking

  • WILD includes Intel® Wireless-AC 8260 that provides Wi-Fi RTT functionality in co-existance with Wi-Fi SoftAP
  • WILD has dual Gigabit Ethernet for traffic backhauling, remote management and routing. Optional 3rd GbE with PoE can also be used to power WILD
  • 4G modem or a second Wi-Fi module can be installed inside WILD

WILD hardware

  • WILD is a full-feature PC based on Quad-core Intel® Atom® x7-E3950 with up to 16 GB RAM, capable of running full-fledged Linux distributions
  • Internal storage is 2.5” SSD / HDD, M.2 SATA SSD or eMMC
  • Standard I/O includes dual-head display, 4 USB ports, audio and a serial port
  • WILD accepts Compulab’s Function and Connectivity Extension T-Card (FACET-Card). Several variants of FACET-Cards are available providing PoE, optical LAN, CANbus, extra USB ports, GPIOs and more

WILD software

  • WILD runs the latest GNU/Linux Debian including KDE and standard package management
  • Compulab provides utilities for remote management of WILD access-points
  • WILD drivers and utilities are open-source
  • Indoor location can be calculated by a WILD gateway, by the mobile device itself, by an on-premises server or by a cloud-service

WILD evaluation and development

  • WILD works out-of-the-box. Once powered, WILD boots automatically and starts responding to ranging requests
  • Evaluation normally starts with ranging from a WILD mobile device to a WILD access-point. WILD can change role from an access-point to a mobile device using a single command
  • Compulab provides an open source Android application implementing ranging to WILD using Wi-Fi RTT API

WILD deployment

  • WILD is robust with an all-metal die-cast housing, requires no maintenance thanks to fanless design, withstands wide temperature range and is diminutive at 11 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm. WILD is UL listed and ships with 5 year warranty
  • WILD is low-power and has multiple power options – 9V – 36V DC input, optional mini-UPS or power-over-Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi RTT access-points can be installed sparsely, as far as 30 meter apart. WILD can be mounted with a VESA bracket or onto a DIN Rail
  • A key challenge in deploying Wi-Fi RTT access-points is obtaining their accurate positions which are required for location calculation by multilateration. Compulab is developing utilities for automated acquisition of WILD positions using Wi-Fi RTT. This can greatly reduce deployment cost and time
  • Thanks to having standard PC connectivity and running full operating system, deployed WILD access-points can run additional tasks in parallel like digital signage, surveillance, access control, building automation and telemetrics
  • For large scale projects Compulab can offer hardware and software adaptation, customization and design services

Android 9 Pie

Compulab WILD is fully compatible with Android 9 Pie and is proven to work with Android devices supporting WiFi RTT API.

Wi-Fi RTT is a key feature in Android 9 Pie. WILD is one of Google’s recommended Wi-Fi RTT access points.

Sample Android application for WiFi RTT ranging is available on GitHub


WILD IoT provides sub-meter accuracy

Accurate real-time indoor location is beneficial to many IoT applications, including mobile robots, autonomous vehicles, mobile assets and computerized hand-held devices. WILD IoT makes a capable Wi-Fi RTT ready platform that can be easily integrated into such systems, making them location-aware.

WILD IoT provides exceptional real-time location accuracy below 0.5m in three dimensions.

WILD IoT incorporates the same hardware of a WILD access-point and is using the same software, making the devices interchangeable.

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