fitlet3 is offered with a pre-installed Hailo-8 AI accelerator module.

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fitlet3 features

  • Intel® Elkhart Lake x6000E Atom processor
  • Up to 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • NVMe + SATA, dual storage
  • Optional Wi-Fi/BT + LTE/5G modem
  • Optional Isolated serial + GPIO ports
  • 7V – 42V DC power input
  • VESA / DIN rail mounting

See fitlet3 datasheet

Hailo-8 module in fitlet3

Hailo-8 M.2 Key-M module was tested and verified on fitlet3.

fitlet3 is capable of decoding four streams (1080p, 30fps) simultaneously for AI inference.

fitlet3 dissipated heat from the M.2 Key-M module efficiently, and the Hailo-8 module can work in fitlet3 in ambient temperatures of more than 73°C.

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Utilizing AI acceleration module requires development of dedicated software that includes deep learning models, computer vision components, user application and more.

It is recommended to contact one or both Compulab’s AI partners to verify the availability of software or support according to the customer needs:

  1.  Hailo – The Hailo-8 AI acceleration module manufacturer
  2.  CVEDIA – a leading AI software developing company of ready-to-go and custom AI software
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