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    Airtop2 Inferno is introduced via a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of starting shipments in June-2018.


    It is technically possible to incorporate Radeon in Inferno, but adapting a graphics card to Natural Airflow is quite an involving process so we must start with the most popular cards. If we achieve sustainable business with this product we may expand it to a product line supporting several graphics cards.


    Inferno is small form-factor and cannot accommodate graphics cards that are too large.

    We have not yet explored the power and cooling implications of incorporating 200W+ card in the Airtop family of products.

    Compulab products can be ordered worldwide.

    Worth noting that Inferno is Made in Israel. Few countries have trade restrictions that do not allow importing from Israel.

    Currently Compulab has customers in 126 countries.

    No. Airtop2 custom motherboard is designed for 7th generation Core and does not support 8th generation.

    Like all Compulab PCs, Airtop2 ships with 5 year warranty.

    Warranty terms are specified in

    Compulab has a US sales office in St. Petersburg, Florida and over 20 resellers worldwide.


    Yes. Regardless of the presence of discrete graphics Airtop2 has 3 ports of the integrated Intel-HD graphics (2x DP + 1x HDMI).

    Inferno is based on Airtop2 design. It is using the same motherboard and the same chassis. Inferno enhances Airtop2 in the following ways:

    • More powerful graphics card – GTX 1080 in Inferno vs GTX 1060 in Airtop2
    • More powerful CPU – Core-i7 7700K vs Core-i7 7700
    • New FACE Module with USB3.1 type C
    • Double Natural Airflow air-tubes on each side increase cooling capacity by 50% compared to Airtop2
    • Slightly modified decoration

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