Mounting bracket for Airtop

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Wall-mount Airtop

Airtop can be easily mounted to a wall to save space and for added robustness. A mounted Airtop has the same thermal performance and usability as if the Airtop is on the desktop.

Tool-free mounting

Once the bracket is installed on the wall, Airtop is mounted using just two thumb-screws. No tools are needed for mounting.

In-place service

Press the top-bar to open the clamshell service door without dismounting Airtop. Disk-cartridge and RAM can be replaced tool-free.

Airtop and its content are safe with just one kensington lock

It takes one kensington lock to prevent opening Airtop. Since the screws are fastened from the inside, without opening Airtop cannot be dismounted and the mounting bracket cannot be taken off. Both Airtop and the disks and RAM inside are safe.

Robust, shock absorbing mount

The mounting bracket is made by stamping of a single sheet of thick steel. Airtop is attached to the bracket with rubber cushioning to absorb shock.

Full performance

Airtop is passively cooled by natural-airflow generated by the waste heat of CPU and GPU. The mounting bracket keeps airflow into all Airtop’s air-tubes open for full performance.


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