Tensor-I20 pre-configured barebones

Tensor-I20 pre-configured barebones are available now!
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Tensor-PC highlights

  • Tensor-PC is a highly-configurable industrial PC with endless possibilities.
  • Enclosure size, cooling elements, internal and external interfaces – are all configurable.
  • Any of the many Tensor-PC variations can be chosen or a custom configuration can be built.

Tensor-I20 specifications

  • CPU options: Intel 9th gen. Xeon | Core i7 | i5 |i3 | Celeron, up to 45W
  • Up to 64 GB RAM: DDR4 ECC | non-ECC
  • Up to 8 storage devices: NVMe | SATA M.2 | SSD | HDD
  • Up to 3 Display outputs: HDMI | DisplayPort
  • Up to 24 USB ports: USB 2.0 | 3.1
  • Up to 21 Ethernet ports: 1GbE | SFP+ | PoE

  For full specifications, see Tensor-PC I20A specifications

  • Up to 20 serial ports: RS-232 | RS-485/422 | CAN Bus
  • Up to 8 expansion slots: M.2 | mini PCIe
  • Up to 5 wireless communication cards: LTE modem | Wi-Fi + BT
  • Up to 4 power sources w/ power balance/redundancy: 12V | 12V – 56V
  • TPM: Integrated TPM |  discrete TPM 2.0 IC module
  • Enclosure sizes: From  20x20x35mm, to 20x30x69

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Tensor-PC is in full production. Compulab accepts and fulfills Tensor-PC I20A orders from business customers.

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