State of the art
fanless design

The hardware and housing of fitlet2RC are designed together from the ground-up to minimize size and maximize capabilities, durability and thermal performance.

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fitlet2RC measures only 112 mm by 84 mm.
It is one of the smallest full-featured PCs on the market.

fitlet2RC is designed as a metal 3D jigsaw puzzle with interlocking parts.

Yet, it is very easy to take apart
for installing RAM, storage and extension cards.

Certified and field proven

UL listed

fitlet2RC is UL listed and ships with the UL mark.
Registration: E510538


fitlet2RC is compliant with MIL-STD 810G (Vibration And Shock).

Windows and VMware Pulse

fitlet2RC is certified for Microsoft Windows 10 and is compatible with VMware Pulse IoT Center.


See full list of certificates


Single Board Computer

UL recognized

SBC-APLRC – the single-board-computer used in FITLET2RC – is UL recognized and can be embedded in UL certified systems.
Registration: E510538


Special capabilities


Each IoT project is unique. A generic IoT gateway can rarely meet all special requirements.

That’s why fitlet2RC is made modular – these extra requirements are implemented with an extension module integrated seamlessly into the housing. This module is called FACET-Card (Function And Connectivity Extension T-Card).

Compulab has a portfolio of often-requested FACET-Cards including:

  • Extra Gbit Ethernet ports
  • Extra USB ports
  • 2.5″ HDD support
  • 4G LTE modem in conjunction with WiFi
  • Power-over-Ethernet device (PoE PD)
  • RS485, CANbus and GPIOs
  • Optical LAN

The FACET-Card interface is public with already-designed FACET-Cards published for reference. This allows solution providers and 3rd parties to design their own custom FACET Cards.


fitlet2RC supports the following main storage devices

  • M.2 SATA provides high performance and large storage capacity
  • 2.5″ HDD/SSD* is for extra capacity and for intensive write operations like video recording

The storage device is attached using specially designed M.2 cooling plate that dissipates heat through the housing.

*2.5″ storage device requires EB-M2SATA adapter and deep bottom cover


Versatile networking is a key requirement for an IoT gateway.
fitlet2RC addresses this requirement with dual Gbit Ethernet ports (Intel I211) that can be extended to 4 ports and support for WiFi and 4G cellular modem working in conjunction.

Built tough

fitlet2RC is designed with the failproof fanless cooling that Compulab pioneered and has been refining for over 10 years:

  1. Make an all-metal housing that is thermally conductive, and design it for effective convection cooling
  2. Thermally couple the hot-spots (CPU, SSD) to the housing
  3. Use the housing as the heatsink

This design has several advantages over traditional cooling:







Improved reliability

fitlet2RC has no moving parts so there is no wearing. Heat dissipation is by conduction through solid metal to a large exterior convection surface that is not subject to clogging.
There is no airflow near the internal components (fitlet2RC has no vents) so corrosive reactions are negligible.

Since no aging takes place during fitlet2RC operation, Compulab provides 5 year warranty for the product.

Operation in wide temperature range

filtet2 is the first miniature PC by Compulab able to operate at the full industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

With no fans that suffer significantly lower MTBF at extreme temperatures, and an embedded CPU rated for 125°C, fitlet2RC reliability is not affected by the extreme temperatures.

Dust and humidity resistance

fitlet2RC is fanless and has no vents. There is no airflow near the electronics components, no spinning blades, filters or tight airways to suffer from dust accumulation or clogging. This makes fitlet2RC an ideal computer to be installed in dusty or humid environments that would have shortened the life of conventional-cooling computers.

Silent operation

With no moving parts, fitlet2RC is perfectly silent, regardless of age and workload.

Long lasting maintenance-free device

fitlet2RC requires no maintenance. There are no filters to clean, or compressed air cleaning to schedule, or periodic service to plan. fitlet2RC can be deployed nationwide and just keep working for years until an upgrade is due.







The all-metal die-cast housing has excellent shock & vibration tolerance. This makes fitlet2RC suitable for automotive, railways and industrial applications.

Made for real world
IoT design challenges

Warranty and longevity

Two major considerations in an IoT project are reliability and longevity. fitlet2RC excels in both.

The embedded grade fanless design practically eliminates aging which allows us to provide unconditional 5 year warranty on fitlet2RC.

fitlet2RC availability is 15 years. This ensures you will not have to redo integration, software adaptation and certification soon after completing the first cycle.


fitlet2RC is small enough to be easily and securely mounted in nearly any IoT scenario – in a cabinet, in a vehicle, inside a vending machine or just mounted behind a display, on the wall or on a furniture.

fitlet2RC has the following mounting options:
including VESA and DIN-rail mounting.

VESA mounting bracket

The VESA mounting bracket is fastened to fitlet2RC with 2 screws. It does not interfere with opening fitlet2RC for service and does not have to be removed to do so.

Since fitlet2RC is small enough to allow access to the VESA screws when mounted, installation is straightforward:

  1. Mount fitlet2RC on the VESA bracket
  2. Mount VESA bracket to the wall or the display

The VESA mounting bracket has a large number of mounting holes to for extra installation flexibility.

Industrial top cover

The industrial top cover allows mounting fitlet2RC without a bracket. It has VESA holes for bottom-up mounting as well as threaded holes for top-down mounting e.g. onto sheet metal.

The industrial top-cover doubles as a heatsink and is designed to be coupled directly to a metal body to dissipate heat through it.

DIN rail

fitlet2RC has a ready DIN rail mounting solution that allows tool-free mounting / dismounting. Furthermore, the DIN rail mounting bracket does not interfere with opening fitlet2RC for service.
DIN rail can be installed at the back of fitlet2RC allowing utilization of all sides, or from the side – minimizing the footprint on the rail.

Power supply

fitlet2RC can work at wide input voltage range of 9V – 24V.
It can also be powered by PoE using the FC-POED FACET Card.

The DC-plug has a special twist-lock for preventing unintentional pull-out power loss.

Our most
affordable mini PC
to date

fitlet2RC is not only Compulab’s most affordable mini-PC but it also exhibits the best performance to price ratio.

fitlet2RC is available for purchasing through Compulab resellers, or directly from Compulab.

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