fitlet2-AV60C (anti-viral at 60ºC) is a miniature low-power fanless PC designed for 24/7 operation. While operating, fitlet2-AV60C ensures disinfection of its surface and internal volume, simply by maintaining a uniform temperature of 60ºC which is known to be effective for inactivating most viruses and in particular the coronavirus, as well as having a significant antimicrobial effect.

Disinfection challenges
with a conventional PC

Most PCs today are actively cooled.
An actively-cooled PC is cooled by one or more fans which draw air into the case and expel it back. Contamination is gradually accumulated in the airways of the PC (mostly on filters, on fan-blades and between the fins of heatsinks). As long as the PC operates, contaminants are expelled uncontrollably back into the surrounding air.

Cleaning a PC internally is a labor intensive technical task that cannot be carried out while the PC is operating. Therefore it is not practical to carry out on a daily basis.

Disinfecting the internals of a PC is even more difficult given the sensitivity of electronics to chemicals, moisture and electrostatic discharge.

An additional challenge is disinfecting the surface. The exterior of an actively-cooled PC must be porous to allow air intake and exhausting. These openings must be handled with care where disinfectants are involved in order to avoid damage to electronics and risk of electric shock.

as a byproduct
of operation

60ºC is a temperature in which most proteins undergo denaturation, including viral proteins and proteins of most microorganisms. Yet, 60ºC is considered a safe (though unpleasant) surface touch temperature.

fitlet2-AV60C is designed to sustain 60ºC temperature all over its surface while operating and higher temperature at its core. fitlet2-AV60C can keep this temperature indefinitely without affecting its reliability while consuming no more than 10W of power.

Since fitlet2-AV60C is passively cooled, it does not draw air into the case which is ventless.

fitlet2-AV60C not only has the property of natural disinfection, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected while operating and is tolerant to standard disinfectants.

Should fitlet2-AV60C be turned off and lose its anti-viral properties, once it is turned back on, it will reach 60ºC within a few minutes and any biocontamination on its surface or inside of it would be inactivated.

How fitlet2-AV60C

fitlet2-AV60C is based on fitlet2 hardware. fitlet2 is a field-proven passively cooled miniature PC that is used extensively in healthcare, clean-rooms and medical applications.

While the conventional fitlet2 is designed for minimizing power and reducing operating temperature in harsh environments, fitlet2-AV60C is designed to ensure 60ºC surface temperature when operating at room temperature.

fitlet2-AV60C achieves 60ºC operating temperature using the following modifications to the standard fitlet2:

  • Reduction of surface area to elevate temperature while keeping power low
  • Disabling advanced power management features to reduce variation of power and temperature
  • Incorporating devices tolerant to high temperatures – in particular SSD and battery

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