Suggestion: WLAN FACE module addition?

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Suggestion: WLAN FACE module addition?

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May I suggest a pair of FACE module derivatives for Wifi use, and an alternate:

FM-4E.. - for routers that also serve as Wifi access points, keep the 4 Intel ethernet ports, drop the USB ports entirely, and then add 4 (a pair of 2x2 by itself, or 3x3 with the built-in jacks) or 6 (a pair of 3x3 by itself, or 4x4 with the built-in jacks) RP-SMA bulkhead jacks with pigtails. This would allow using a pair of Mini-PCIe wireless cards to their fullest capability.

FM-2MP... - for wifi access points, again, add more RP-SMA jacks to the existing Mini-PCIe FACE module. This would allow 3 120 degree sector antennas plus an omni, or 4 90 degree sector antennas to be used simultaneously.

FM-blank... provide a blank FACE module, just the stamped outline, so we can drill it ourselves.

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Re: Suggestion: WLAN FACE module addition?

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Thank you for your inquiry and suggestions. We will look what we can do
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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