Upgraded to 802.11AC today

WLAN adapter and miniPCI-express slot
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Upgraded to 802.11AC today

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I found Aigale 802.11AC blade mini on Ebay. A few weeks back. I bought two of them.

Aigale's site is http://www.aigale.com.cn You can get a picture of the mini PCIe card there.

Its a Broadcom BCM4352 for a the 802.11AC Wireless and BCM20702A0 for the Bluetooth 4.0.

Install was fairly simple. Pop out the hard drive and switch the cards. The driver CD was the issue. The Wifi driver installs no problem. But go to Aigale's site and download the newest one. The Bluetooth install failed for the Autorun.exe app. You directly install it from the BT directory. But one piece will fail to load. But it does go in. However the main issue is that they didn't digitally sign the driver. It will install but not run in a x64 Windows. But's here what to do.

Install the Bluetooth driver. Reboot. Then un-install it, Yes sound stupid but there is a logic to this. The uninstall removes the software but leaves the unsigned driver in the driver library. Microsoft then has a driver that matches the Hardware ID and installs it under Microsoft's Bluetooth support in Win7x64.and it look to be working with unsigned driver at that point. But it now exist in the system and can be seen by other software. Now there a way to get the a signed driver directly from Broadcom. Goto: http://www.broadcom.com/support/bluetooth/update.php

That link downloads a app the scan for you bluetooth device, validates the hardware (It will pass), determines what needed, downloads it in the back ground and then installs it. WaLa. Signed WINCOMM Driver installed for Win7x64 and working 100%..

Now before install that lets go to hidden directory C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Temp you unhide the directory in Windows Explorer by changing the setting under the ORGANIZE tab pull down menu FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS.

Go to that temp directory highlight and delete all the temp files in it.
Then do the download. That install app will determine you driver software and then download it to a directory that it will create in that temp directory. Once the software begins to install you can grab a copy of that driver folder and save somewhere else for your future reuse.

Finding the newest and drivers took me time.

I have an 802.11AC Wireless AP (Netgear R6300). Its wired to the pc in the other room. That pc is USB3 connected to an ARECA ARC5040 RAID stack (I fixed my stacks firmware issue too). There lies my massive video collection and all my files.

Every things networked together. I can now play the massive 1080p video over the wifi connection without them breaking up do to the data rate not being fast enough.

Just a minute ago I was pulling 568Mb/s watching a 1080p video file I could not previously play on the original radio. There was no breakup at all on the FitPC3 Pro play the file.

So yes we can upgrade to 802.11ac today. Have fun watching video on you big screen TV.

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