1080p video on Fit-PC 3

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1080p video on Fit-PC 3

Post by ahabib »

I bought a fit-pc3 (dual core 1.65Ghz) ) a week ago as a media PC to watch blu-ray movies and 1080p video collection that I own. The Fit-PC 3 specs on fit-pc.com clearly states that the hardware is capable of playing 1080p videos. Unfortunately, my experience has been otherwise. I see video and sound skipping and video not playing correctly at all. Lower resolution videos like 720p had no problems playing.

I tried latest Ubuntu 12.10 and Mint Nadia, but the video support was extremely poor. I reverted to Windows 7 with hopes that supplied drivers will help. They didn't. I installed a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate x64 copy with all the updates and then installed Video driver downloaded from Fit-PC website. Used VLC Player 32bit and 64bit to play some 1080p mkv files (which play fine on my phone and other computers), have frozen frames and skipping audio. The video was completely unwatchable. The latest catalyst driver from AMD site also didn't help.

You can repeat these tests by downloading 1080p video clips from the web and trying playing them.

I'd like to know what are my options at this point.


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Re: 1080p video on Fit-PC 3

Post by irads »

Playback performance is player and configuration dependent.
I recommend trying XBMC with DXVA enabled or WMP. You can also google for VLC with Radeon 6320 (eg http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=104024)
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Re: 1080p video on Fit-PC 3

Post by Athletejmv »

I had the same issue (CompuLab fit-PC3 Pro Diskless, AMD 1.65 GHz dual core, RAM 4GB, Internal bay for 2.5" SATA HDD). I ordered a Fit-PC 3 off Amazon.com for $380. After having it for a couple of days, I caved in and bought the i7 barebone system for $799 (. The i7 runs without hiccup (video and software on Windows 8) and runs cooler than the Fit-PC3. I have consistently had these issues with AMD APUs. I've ran many different systems with them and the graphics have consistently performed poorly on the low-power chipsets. While AMD use to be my gaming chip/system of choice, I have to recommend you go with the Intel since their integrated HD3000 and up graphics chip-sets are pretty solid. Even the Celeron is a pretty solid chip compared to the AMD.

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Re: 1080p video on Fit-PC 3

Post by gabrielh »

The Intense PC i7 model features the Intel HD4000 graphics
Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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