Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

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Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

Post by szracer »

Hi all,

I've used a couple of Fit-PCs as EPOS systems, and have been very pleased with the results.

However, I also love the CarPC system I have at the moment, although it's getting a bit long in the tooth.

The Fit-PC would seem to be ideal for a CarPC setup. However, the great thing about my current setup is that I can use an M1-ATX power supply to intelligently hibernate the system (and supply it with a trickle of power, at least until the car's battery itself is threatened), to speedily wake the system on ignition.

I can't see any such solution for the Fit-PC - Or am I missing something obvious?? Anyone else used one as a CarPC? How did you handle the power settings?



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Re: Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

Post by halestorm »

You're right, there is none and this is one of the big limitations of the Fit. There is suposedly an "auto-on" option, where the Fit turns itself on once power is applied, but no place sells them that I have been able to find (unless you purchase internationally from Compulab directly and wait 5 weeks).

I'm also intending to use my FitPC2 as a car computer. I had previously owned the FitPC Slim (which has the auto-on feature) and mistakenly bought the FitPC2 before realizing they had removed this feature, so here is what I am going to do in the car. I'm just not ever going to turn it off. I'm going to add an auxiliary AGM battery to run the Fit and keep it charged with one of these: A 17-22Ah AGM should run the Fit for 18-24 hrs.

As long as you drive daily you won't ever have to turn it off. Shut it down only when you're away for extended periods. But then you have to worry about where you mount the Fit. I had wanted to mount it discretely behind the dash but now it has to be someplace where you can press the power button. I'll probably try to mount a remote switch.

Good luck,
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Re: Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

Post by XSNomad »

I helped a friend of mine install the fit as a CarPC and we just wired in a push button option. Yes it voids the warranty, but on the tech level for install I'd have to rank it around a 3 of 10. If you can splice wires you can run a "remote" on/off.


Re: Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

Post by benjgil »

Btw, we do sell Fit PC2s (most models) with the Auto-On function here in the UK, and other distributors may also stock some models with Auto-On as well.

Hope that helps!


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Re: Using Fit-PC as CarPC - Power options

Post by kuno »

Hi all,

I am also intending to use the fit as a car PC and the following might help thanks to it's low power consumption.
maybe a foolish idea, but why not give it a try (as I do not have one yet I am just assuming).

Power to the fit needs some filtering anyways, so why not take one of these big caps used for power amps as filter and 'shut-down' battery. I have not done any calculations on this, so it might all be wrong.
auto on through the ignition, but driving a relay before the cap. ignition off, cap charging stops and the fit detects low supply voltage (I do not know if it has this feature) and shuts down on the cap (if this is really good enough).
Best would really be a remote on off contact +8 to 15 V fit on. 0 V fit shuts down or hibernates or whatever is defined in the bios. same as for netbooks where lid close can initiate some action.
Maybe I really have to get one and make some experiments. the most difficult seems to be to initiate the shutdown or any desired action on the fit without user interaction on the screeen or keyboard.

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