fit-PC2i availability on

Where can I buy fit-PC2? How much does it cost?
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fit-PC2i availability on

Post by vetetix »

Hi, I'm trying to buy a fit-pc2i rev. 1.2 (i need wake on lan and auto-on), with fit-vga adaptator (i have no dvi or hdmi screen/tv) and probably heat-sink. I'm in France and the only reseller proposing affordable deals seems to be (VAT is already included in their prices and there is no shipping fee).

For example, fit-pc2 diskless (rev1.21 I believe) would cost me 249€ on, as the same fit-pc2 diskless (rev 1.4) would cost me over 380€ (product + shipping fee + 19.6% VAT) if i order it directly on fit-pc2 website. Even with a difference in ram's price in the 1.4 revision (40$, it seems), it doesn't make sense to buy the product anywhere else than on

The problem is that only sells old fit-pc2 revisions with no auto-on, no accessories and no fit-pc2i.

Are there any plans to sell these products on any time soon ? Fit-PC2i seems the perfect server for my needs but if I can't get a more affordable deal I may have to find some other product :-(

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Re: fit-PC2i availability on

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I suggest you contact another distributor in the EU to get final pricing. is a few months behind in stocking new products. I cannot tell when the new revisions will be available in
Irad Stavi
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Re: fit-PC2i availability on

Post by Mylife »

I often swap between and for other stuffs and guess what ? doesn't even sell the standard fit-pc2 !

I'm happy (half happy because of lack of fit-pc2i) that France is not a lonely country for excellent products sold every else in Europe. :D

As suggested by Irads, you should try to buy your fit-pc2i somewhere else in EU.
Even if it's more expensive, it really worths it !

A happy owner of two fit-pc2's.

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