Internet Video Streams

Video playback in Windows
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Internet Video Streams

Post by egobreaker »

Having a problems with sites like Hulu/netflix, Video Streaming

Hulu uses Flash I beleve
Netflix uses their own ActiveX program

I have upgraded the video drivers to the most recent posted here.

During play I get the following
80% CPU usage
50% memory usage
PF is just about nothing
Network speed is at 150Mbp/s 1% utilazation during play
So it should work ok, but just a bit jumpy in the video stream, audio is ok.

I can't figure out why the video would be jumpy. If I use my other box everything looks great, same Wifi link.

DVDs play great. Had to put in a USB sound interface to get out dolby with S/PDIF.

If I could just get the streaming to work this will be a great little media box.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Internet Video Streams

Post by irads »

Flash video is less optimized than other video codecs and certainly has no HW acceleration support.

I do not know about netflix.
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