Playback of 1080p h264

Video playback in Windows
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Playback of 1080p h264

Post by chrischi »

Hello together,

I know this topic has been discussed many times before, but I couldnt find a fully satisfying solution for that.

The problem is, that playback of 1080p h264 files in 1080p resolution even in windows 7 isn´t smooth. Especially in "scrolling" scenes the rendering is bad. Surprisingly the playback of 1080p h264 files in 720p resolution reduces the problems.

My question now is, if there is somebody out there, who is able to play different 1080p h264 files with windows 7 really smooth on fit pc2. If so, please post the used playback software with its version.

Currently best performances I achieve with haali media/matroska splitter and windows media player (but subs do not work without additional software). The new K-Lite codes pack 8.0.0 brings improvements in comparison to older version but isn´t as fast as the haali media/matroska splitter.

I´m using the latest version of the gma500 chipset driver, hardware acceleration is enabled.

I tried Linux Mint as provided as well, but here I have similar problems.

Hope to hear from you and to share experiences :-). I know the fit pc2 has the power to playback the videos smooth. Its a pure software issue.

Best regards,

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Re: Playback of 1080p h264

Post by gabrielh »

Compulab will release a new video drivers for Win7 this month. There is significant improvement in the 1080p video playback experience. You are welcome to try them.
Gabriel Heifets

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