GMA500 and BBC iPlayer

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GMA500 and BBC iPlayer

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Hi all, my first post ... I bought my Fit-PC 2 1.6GHz last December, from Anders Computing. It runs Windows XP and is the model without wireless network. My display is connected via. DVI and the settings are 1920 X 1200, 32 bit, 60 Hz.

While trying to improve playback of TV programmes downloaded from the BBC iPlayer, I have found a bug that causes the Fit-PC 2 to crash. This happens when I press the "information" button on the Graphics Properties window, titled "Intel GMA Driver for ultra mobile".

So now I have learned not to press this button again, please can anyone advise me how to improve full-screen playback of BBC programmes downloaded using the iPlayer desktop?

The sound plays perfectly but the picture only refreshes a few times a second so the video playback is unacceptably jerky. I have read on here that I need DXVA but I don't want to use Cyberlink DVD, only the iPlayer desktop.

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Re: GMA500 and BBC iPlayer

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I am not familiar with BBC iPlayer.
Reducing the resolution would improve frame-rate.
Generally you may see some improvement using Windows 7.
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