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Airtop3 NVMe problem

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:07 pm
by biterror
I'm finally putting my Airtop3 into use, so I installed 2 x Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB disks on the Airtop3 motherboard (and 3 x Samsung 970 EVO disks to the NVMe expansion board). I also have 4 pcs of Micron SATA disks installed.

For some reason, BIOS and Linux only see one of the 860 EVO disks. BIOS lists the Micron disks at ports 1...4 and one Samsung at port 5 - the other one is missing. Same with Linux, the Micron SATA disks show up as ata.1...ata.4 and the Samsung as ata.5, but the other Samsung is missing.

The 970's show up as /dev/nvme* (depending on the Linux version, some versions don't see them at all).

I tried swapping the 960's and now the system sees only the disk that was not visible before - so both 960's are working, but Airtop3 sees only one of them (not sure which physical location works and which one doesn't).

EDIT: I entered BIOS using F11 and now I see Serial ATA Port 5 reported as "Empty".
I'm pretty sure the disks are properly mounted and swapping them didn't make port 5 work. Is the Airtop motherboard faulty?

Any ideas? I want to use the two disks for RAID1, so I need to get them working.


Re: Airtop3 NVMe problem

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 12:01 pm
by irads
The issue may be that EVO 860 is SATA and not NVMe.
See Airtop3 block diagram ... iagram.pdf
On-board M.2 sockets are detailed on the top left (one is dual NVMe/SATA and the other is NVMe only).

To get RAID on these M.2 devices, advised to use 2x NVMe.

Re: Airtop3 NVMe problem

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:36 pm
by biterror
Oh, thanks - I never realized the slots were not identical. I was trying to buy 5 pcs of 970 EVO's but the seller had a limit of 3 pcs.. ;-(

Need to buy more 970's, then.

Thanks for the reply!

EDIT: I put the 970 EVO's on the motherboard slots and yes, both slots work. Now, if I could make Ubuntu server install to find the NVMe disks...

EDIT2: Ubuntu (server) 19.10 installs on NVME disks (but XEN is broken on 5.x kernels, it seems).

EDIT3: xen has been fixed.