Airtop3 is emitting noise

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Airtop3 is emitting noise

Post by quangkevin »

There's a hissing and ticking noise emitting from my week-old airtop3. It's much louder than my laptop which has fan running. Is it normal?

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Re: Airtop3 is emitting noise

Post by tamir »

This could be coil whine coming from either the CPU or GPU electrical circuits.
We have documented an application note with methods to reduce these audible noises: ... ble_noises

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Re: Airtop3 is emitting noise

Post by kgardas »

As I'm interested in Airtop3 to replace my old TNN-500 AF as my main workstation, I'm quite curious about this thread and about a noise Airtop3 emits. Do hacks mentioned by Tamir solve completely the hissing/ticking noise or not?


Re: Airtop3 is emitting noise

Post by irads »

We studied the reported acoustic issues reported by several Airtop3 customers. The application note ... stic_noise is updated to reflect the findings.
We received positive feedback from customers that complained about Airtop3 acoustic issues that the suggested methods are effective.

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