Two sticks

programmable multi-color LED that plugs into a USB port
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Two sticks

Post by keldnorman »

I have two fit-statUSB in one USB hub and adresses them via the

sudo stty -F /dev/ttyACM0 115200 raw -echo -echoe -echok -echoctl -echoke ; echo "#E1D200" > /dev/ttyACM0

But I am not getting fast color changes and sometimes #FF0000 turns the usb GREEN and not RED !? Is there any "reset" command one can send to the stick so it behaves correctly ?

I found that sending "F0" to it makes it shift colors fast but the yellow color is .. not really yellow - it looks like green and you can clearly see the top of the USB is green and the bottom half red - is this normal ? (se picture where i used screen /dev/ttyACM0, then pressed H and then #FFFF00 )
fit-ststUSB programmed to show #FFFF00
fit-ststUSB programmed to show #FFFF00
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Re: Two sticks

Post by tamir »

The usage instructions for the fit-statUSB can be found at:

As for resetting the configuration, setting a simple color should override previous configuration.

If the color behavior seems strange or malfunction, you may return the product.

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