MintBox Mini network issues with BIOS SBCFLT_0.08.04

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Re: MintBox Mini network issues with BIOS SBCFLT_0.08.04

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I got a heat plate with the Fitlet B but not with the Mint Box Mini.

I placed the heat plat in position in the Fitlet B but it looked as if it would be 'touching' the main board, infact sitting on top of a blob of solder from memory so I elected not to install as I was concerned it would 'short out'. I think it was a little 'stand out' prong that was going to contact the solder.

Maybe I'll have another look!

Temp has been much cooler the last week or so and I have not had any further issues.



Re: MintBox Mini network issues with BIOS SBCFLT_0.08.04

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Want to share with you application note about good thermal management of fitlet: ... _of_fitlet

1. The metal bracket is mSATA heat spreader should be attached to the mSATA in order to reduce its and overall temperature. Installation instructions: ... e_Assembly

When it is attached in correct position it should not touch the PCB in no place. Of course, make sure to unscrew the screw from the bracket and then attach it to the mSATA itself.

There is also standoff on the main board used to attach the mSATA to the main board with another screw.

2. High temperatures does not affect fitlet reliability as it is designed to work in such conditions, however at any time you can move to a larger top cover with integrated heatsink that will lower the temperatures even more, in case you want to get more comfortable touch temperatures.

3. You can also change TDP ratings in BIOS.
I believe that the above steps will help to reduce the temperature.

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