MiniPCIe cards - Used or tried by customers

RAM modules, mSATA and other devices compatible with fitlet
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MiniPCIe cards - Used or tried by customers

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Feel free to reply with information on your MiniPCIe card(s), known to work or not.
Please specify which fitlet model, and enough details about your MiniPCIe card(s)
for someone else to purchase.

If you have measured speed results, (if relevant to your card), please add.

Note that the fitlet supports a full length MiniPCIe card natively. If you need to use
a half length card, an extension card is used. For example, my fitlet-iA10 came with
a pre-installed WiFi half length MiniPCIe card with extension.

Below is a template
Here is the MiniPCIe card I have used successfully;

My fitlet model - MY_MODEL

Type - (Like WiFi or Cellphone)
Speed - (If relevant)
Length - (Full or half length) (If half length, does it come with extension card?)
Interface - (PCIe or USB 2.0?)
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