New sub-forum? - SO-DIMMs and mSATA working, not listed

RAM modules, mSATA and other devices compatible with fitlet
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New sub-forum? - SO-DIMMs and mSATA working, not listed

Post by Arwen »

Perhaps a new forum section or Wiki page for listing memory SO-DIMMs and mSATA drives that end-users
have installed, that seem to work fine. The first post can be from Compulab stating these are not company
supported but some users have shown it to work. Caveat emptor.

For example, both the following are not the Compulab tested list;
  • Kingston HX316LS9IB/8 8GB
    DDR3L-1333MHz, 8-8-8, 1.35V/1.5V
  • Samsung Evo 840 500GB mSATA
Yet work fine with my fitlet-iA10.

That said, the memory timing for the Kingston SO-DIMM listed above, is the lowest supported. So it may not
work for a fitlet-b which has a maximum of 1066MHz. So a forum poster would need to specify which fitlet
model they are using.

In fact, their are a few other things. Here would be a overall category list;
  • SO-DIMM for memory
  • mSATA flash drives
  • microSD{HC|XC} cards
  • miniPCIe cards like cell-modems & WiFi
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Re: New sub-forum? - SO-DIMMs and mSATA working, not listed

Post by mbirger »

Definitely, RAM memories and mSATA SSD drives listed on wiki related to inventory available in Compulab. Indeed, many more devices available on market and not listed will fit. Product specs should be the main guidelines for any 3rd party device.

I will update the list with your tested memory.

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