Memory performance - BIOS support

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Memory performance - BIOS support

Post by Arwen »

It would be nice if the BIOS supported high performance RAM, in the form of timing. For example, Kingston uses this timing for thier value RAM;

DDR3-1333MHz, 9-9-9, 1.5V

And uses this for thier high performance RAM;

DDR3L-1333MHz, 8-8-8, 1.35V/1.5V

The high performance RAM is not expensive. And the benefits may out weigh the cost bump as we can only install 1 SO-DIMM, so no memory interleaving.
Arwen Evenstar
Rivendale, Middle Earth

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Re: Memory performance - BIOS support

Post by irads »

Thanks for the feedback.
We will test several RAM models and may tweak BIOS to support higher performance RAM.
Irad Stavi
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