Serial FACET card

Questions about fitlet Function And Connectivity Extension T-Cards.
Wish list about FACET functionality.
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Serial FACET card

Post by opencompany »

Any chance for a FACET card with 2+ serial ports (preferably all full RS232 / RS485 / RS422 compliant).
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Re: Serial FACET card

Post by irads »

It is technically possible. In fact FACET interface includes LPC for easy integration of SIO. CompuLab currently does not plan in-house design but a 3rd party design is possible.
Irad Stavi
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Re: Serial FACET card

Post by Arwen »

Cost wise, it's cheaper to use several USB to RS-232 adapters.

The only 2 reasons to use a FACET card for serial;
  • high speed, (>200Kbps per port)
  • Fully intergrated
The first, still does not need 3 x PCIe 2.0 lanes, (which are 5Gbps each).
Second might be nice, but only medium quantity, (>1,000), will justify custom engineering. That's still expensive.
And only large quantity, (>10,000), would interest most OEMs, (like the maker of the fitlet).
Arwen Evenstar
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