IPC2 I5 4300 Haswell Bios Update

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IPC2 I5 4300 Haswell Bios Update

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The IPC2 Bios update instruction is :
http://fit-pc.com/wiki/index.php?title= ... iew_mobile

But there many points it did not show us:
This is my way to update IPC2 Haswell bios:

My IPC2 old bios version:IPC2_3.330.4R X64
1.First ,download new bois version :IPC2_3.330.5 X64 from
http://fit-pc.com/wiki/index.php?title= ... _ROM_files
There are two version,choosing by your face module.
Download the zip file ,unzip to get a img file.Use Rufus write the img to a flash disk.
Plug the flash disk to IPC2,reboot from flash disk,you should see Dos command line interface ,run BIOS_UPD.bat and ME_LOCK.bat as the instruction.
If there is no error,you update successfully to IPC2_3.330.4R X64.
But I found ,there is some problom ,I can not enter Bios by pressing F2.
This is wired!!!
I can't solve this problem,so I choose to update the Bios the latest version :IPC2_3.330.7 X64.

2.Download the IPC2_3.330.7 X64 zip file from http://fit-iot.com/files/download/inten ... .330.7.zip
Unzip and copy all the files to a flash disk with FAT32 format.
Because I can't enter bios,so Just plug it and reboot.
If you are lucky,you can enter the interface so called internal Shell.
As the instruction,run update.nsh and me_up.nsh.
If there is no error,you have updated to latest bios,and pressing F2 can enter the bios.

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Re: IPC2 I5 4300 Haswell Bios Update

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If you can't access the BIOS menu on the IPC2 at startup pressing F2, you could remove the storage device and it will automatically log into it.

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