DisplayPort screen re-detection (Mint Mate 17)

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DisplayPort screen re-detection (Mint Mate 17)

Post by haseldow »

I have quite a lot of information on this issue, but I'll try to keep it short to avoid extensively long post. I will give more information if requested during the progression of this thread. I only have a partial and solution at the moment.

I came accross some problems when you have screens attached in both hdmi and displayport. Both screens work after boot, but if you turn the displayport screen off, it won't get a signal when you turn it on again.

A quick, but sub-optimal solution to fix this is to have "Show monitors in panel" from mate-display-properties ticked. You just click the "Configure display settings" and the screen in displayport wakes up and you can close the menu. In some test cases I have had to change a setting to get the second screen working (which you can revert back later).

I have seen this issue with Intel HD 4000 on Lenovo laptops as well.

I have several IPC2:s and several displays to test this with so I can do some testing in a lab. Unfortunately I don't have is much time for testing.

I'm planning on doing some udev xrandr scripting next, but if someone has already tackled with this, I'd appreciate more info. Or if anyone is willing to do their own testing, I'll be happy to provide my findings.

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Re: DisplayPort screen re-detection (Mint Mate 17)

Post by JRG »

I have an IPC2 — the "MintBox 2" (I wanted to get an i7, but I couldn't wait for the anticipated late September run as my other computer was dying).

Today I got a second monitor. Because of their capabilities (both are Samsung models, the new one a 24", the other a 23") and lack of appropriate cables, I had to attach both using adapters (dongles?).

HDMI to DVI and a DVI cable to the 23" model.
Display port to HDMI and an HDMI cable to the 24" model.

I'm running Linux Mint 17 - XFCE.

I just tried powering off the 24" (i.e. Displayport attached) monitor. I waited 10 or 15 seconds before powering it on again. It was detected immediately.

If you have any suggestions for other tests, let me know. I'll also post again if I actually encounter the problem.

I do have an HDMI-related problem which I'll post as a separate thread. However, it may be affecting my results with respect to your issue: The 24" monitor has an "audio out" jack and appears to hi-jack the audio (I get no sound via the IPC2's audio out jack). Perhaps that is keeping the monitor from "getting lost" when powered off?


Re: DisplayPort screen re-detection (Mint Mate 17)

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One correction -
MintBox2 based on Intense PC i5 (not IPC2).

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