Fit-PC4 Value power consumption / linux tuning

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Fit-PC4 Value power consumption / linux tuning

Post by punkadiddle »

I have the value version of fit-pc4 running Ubuntu with a msata SSD, one RAM module, one ethernet connection, radio disabled.

I see power consumption of about:
  • < 0,2 W power supply only
  • 3,8 W fit-pc4 connected to power only, but not powered on (all LEDs off)
  • 8-11 W fit-pc powered on
  • 2,5 W powered down (green front Led lit)
I have managed to slightly reduce the idle consumption by using the AMD video driver fglrx and enabling all of the powertop recommendations. Shutting down the desktop (gdm) does not make any difference.

From the data sheet I was expecting an active power consumption roughly between 5 and 8 W. What is to be expected? Is there anything else to be configured?

Why is there a difference between just plugged in and powered down?


Re: Fit-PC4 Value power consumption / linux tuning

Post by mbirger »

Sorry for the late response, probably I have missed it.
First make sure you have the latest BIOS: ... _ROM_Files - it is critical.

Please refer to: ... erview.pdf page 23 - fit-PC4 – Power & Environmental slide:

Power Consumption of Value model based on system state are given:
G0/S0 (Active, system 90% load) 11W, Active
G0/S0 (Active, system 10% load) 5W, Active
G1/S3 (Suspend to RAM) ~1.2W, Sleep
G1/S4 (Suspend to Disk) ~1.2W, Hibernate
G2/S5 (Soft Off) ~1W Shut down
G3 (Mechanical Off) 6-10uA for RTC RTC is powered from battery
Average working consumption 8W

Finally, there should be almost no difference in power consumption between sleep, hibernate and shut down states, if speaking Windows terminology.

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