Flashing LED (orange -> green -> orange -> ...)

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Flashing LED (orange -> green -> orange -> ...)

Post by manu »

Hello, my Fit-PC4 has stopped working... again. :evil:

I already had some troubles last summer (http://www.fit-pc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=125&t=5378), than after it has been repaired it worked very well.

My only configuration issue was actually with audio via HDMI, which is a bit creepy (I'm using an up-to-date Debian Jessie).

Since yesterday, the unit stopped working altogether: it didn't boot anymore, no video signal and the front LED is costantly flashing from orange to green to orange... Of course I've removed the power supply now.

I haven't removed the RAM banks or the hard disk, neither I've already tried to reset the BIOS. As soon as possible I will try all the suggestions here: http://www.fit-pc.com/wiki/index.php/Fi ... leshooting.

It's just annoying that this unit, which is enourmously under-stressed (I use it as a kind of "home theater PC", not every day and of course in the confort of a living room without any climate extreme), is possibly broken for the second time in less than one year :(

Any hints?


Re: Flashing LED (orange -> green -> orange -> ...)

Post by mbirger »

Indeed very frustrating. As you suggested please first try the troubleshooting steps. If won't help, please submit an RMA - you might have a BIOS issue. When submitting the RMA form, please note that it is the 2nd one.

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Re: Flashing LED (orange -> green -> orange -> ...)

Post by mblake »

No dice. Tried it with a few devices and hard drives. Thanks for the suggestion.

If you have anymore ideas, I'd love to hear them. Otherwise I will probably be trying to replace the devices in the next few days.

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