Machine Stopped Responding

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Machine Stopped Responding

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I had not used the machine for about a day. When I returned to it, it was warmer than usual, lights were on, however, it would not light up the monitor or show responses to keyboard or mouse. The red mouse light was lit when I looked under it. I tried to ssh into the machine from a mac as I've done many times before and it did not respond. I finally did a hard reset by holding the button down. It came up fine and I'm using it to write this post.

I've tried to attach the syslog, however, this message board doesn't seem to allow any file extension, including none.

Is there a way to get the thermal from ACPI? acpitool says it's <Not Available>, same for processor.

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Re: Machine Stopped Responding

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Please zip the files to attach them to the post. You can use the lmsensors utility to get the desired information.
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